• Have you ever gone through the motions of doing something without being focused on what you are doing? Give some examples.
  • How does being focused help us?
  • How does not being focused hurt us?
  • Obviously, Satan does not want us focused on a well-adjusted Christian life. 1 Peter 5:8-9

If there was ever a person who knew how to be focused on the things of God, it was the Apostle Paul. Through his personal example and challenge in our text, Paul was encouraging his beloved Philippian Church to stay focused.

FOCUSED ON THE CAUSE – Philippians 1:12-18

  • 12 – Lots had happened to the Apostle Paul over his storied lifetime. Over the past few years Paul been arrested, accused, and sent to Rome to appear before Caesar. Acts 21-28
  • Paul’s current situation, although unpleasant as a prisoner, was ideal for His cause, the proclamation of the Gospel. Acts 28:30-31
  • 13 – The Jews may have thought that Paul had been silenced, but instead, Paul was so focused on the Gospel that the whole Praetorian Guard, and seemingly all in Rome, knew why he was imprisoned. He never lost focus!
  • 14 – Has the boldness of another Christian ever helped you focus on witnessing and caused you to be less fearful?
  • 15-17 – Not everyone shares the Gospel for the right reasons. Why should that never deter us from witnessing?
  • The bottom line for us should be, when Christ is preached, we rejoice!

FOCUSED ON CHRIST – Philippians 1:19-26

  • 19 – Paul knew that he would be delivered one way or another. He also knew that the prayers of the Saints and the Holy Spirit would sustain him.
  • 20-21 – What can we do to focus on Christ the way Paul did?
  • 22-24 – Paul was focused on doing what was best for the sake Christ and the Philippians.
  • 25-26 – Paul was confident of his release because that was most beneficial for the Philippians.

FOCUSED ON CONDUCT – Philippians 1:27-29

  • 27 – Paul expected the Philippians to focus on conduct worthy of the Gospel.
  • 28 – Fearlessness against our opponents is a sign that they are under God’s judgment, but we are safe. 2 Thessalonians 1:4-10
  • 29 – We are privileged to believe and to suffer for Jesus’ sake. John 15:18-25