Jeremiah was a true prophet sent from God. However, his prophecies were not usually accepted or believed by God’s people. Jeremiah was wearing a yoke to illustrate a prophecy he made in Jeremiah 27:1-11 concerning the nations being subject to Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon. A false prophet named Hananiah made a false prophecy and publicly contracted Jeremiah. God exposed the false prophet and verified that Jeremiah was the true prophet.

A FALSE PROPHECY – Jeremiah 28:1-4 – Hananiah predicted that in two years, holy vessels taken from the temple would be returned with all those were taken captive.

A FAITHFUL PREDICTION – Jeremiah 28:5-9 – Jeremiah would have liked Hananiah’s prophecy to come true, but he knew it would not. Jeremiah was saying that that the prophet who predicts peace will be shown to be a true prophet when his prophecy comes true. Jeremiah was implying that Hananiah’s prophecy wasn’t true.

A FOOLISH PERFORMANCE – Jeremiah 28:10-11 – Hananiah defied Jeremiah’s prediction by breaking the yoke Jeremiah wore and repeating that the bondage of the nations serving Nebuchadnezzar would be broken in two years. It was foolish to contradict God’s true prophet.

A FORCEFUL PRONOUNCEMENT – Jeremiah 28:12-16 – God sent Jeremiah to tell Hananiah that the Nations would serve Nebuchadnezzar under a yoke of iron. Hananiah was also told that the Lord had not sent him and that he was making the people to believe a lie. Because Hanniah had taught the people rebellion against the Lord, he would die that year.

A FLAWLESS PROOF – Jeremiah 28:17 – The test of a true prophet is to be 100% correct all the time. Hananiah, the false prophet died. Jeremiah was shown to be the true prophet.