2 Kings 6:24-7:20 – THE STEADY WITNESS

Life of Elisha, The Steady Prophet #8 of 9

In this story I see the lepers as a picture of the born again Christians.

Eventually the lepers spread the good news that the famine was over and there was food, clothes, and money available.

As Christians we are to spread the word of the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ. We are to be steady, consistent witnesses for Christ. After giving the background of the story in 2 Kings 6:24-7:2, point out that these lepers remind us Christians of:

THE PAST (The way we were.) Vss.3-5

Hurting Vs. 3 – We were hurting because of our sin.

Hungry Vs. 4 – We were Spiritually hungry for something better.

Honest Vss. 4-5 – No one gets saved until they honestly admit they are

sinners and turn to Christ in faith.

THE PRESENT (The way we are.) Vs. 8

(Vs. 5-7 tell of the fate of the Syrian army.)

Rich – We have great riches in Christ. Ephesians 1:3

Satisfied – We have great satisfaction in what Christ has done for us.

Selfish – All too often we keep our joy in Christ to ourselves.

THE PROMOTION (The way we should be.) Vss. 9-20

These lepers were:

Convicted – Vs. 9 – We need to be convicted that we shouldn’t keep

silent about our salvation. (Psalm 107:2)

Convincing – Vss. 10-11 – We need to be convincing others of the

joys of salvation. (1 Peter 3:15

Converting – Vss. 13-16 – As a result of the lepers’ testimony, many were fed. As a result

of our testimony, many will come to Christ.