1 Samuel 21-22:5, 23:1-13 – DAVID ON THE RUN!

In our text David is on the run!  King Saul wants to kill him, and it is obvious that David needed to escape.  Let’s look at and learn from some of David’s experiences “on the run”.

ON THE RUN IN DISHONESTY – Proverbs 21:1-9

  • David fled and went for some temporary help to a city of priests.
  • It was evidently unusual for David to only travel with a few young men. There were no other officials of the king.  Knowing what a tyrant Saul had become, this made Ahimelech nervous.
  • David lied. He was given bread that had been on the altar, which normally only the priests ate.
  • After telling another lie David was given Goliath’s sword.

ON THE RUN IN DECEPTION – Proverbs 21:10-15

  • David fled to the enemy, the Philistines, because of the fear of Saul.
  • After being recognized, he realized that fleeing to King Achish was not a good idea. He became even more afraid.
  • His solution to escape was to pretend that he was insane.
  • Evidently, during this trial David started to get his spiritual life back in order. Psalms 56 and 34 were written concerning this period of time.

ON THE RUN WITH DEVOTEES – Proverbs 22:1-5

  • David returned to a cave called Adulam.
  • His family and a “ragtag” group of people joined him.

ON THE RUN IN DEPENDENCE – Proverbs 23:1-13

  • A city called Keilah was being raided by the Philistines.
  • In this passage David enquired three times as to what to do.
  • In each case David did what he was told by God.