I’ve had some pretty good role models in my life.

  • My Dad – Integrity
  • My Mom – Faithfulness
  • Pastor Headley (My mentor) – Qualities of a good Pastor
  • Billy Graham – Zeal for souls
  • Dottie (My Wife) – How to love

As we pointed out last week, as Christians, we have a big problem with inconsistency in our walk with Jesus. As the Apostle Paul said in Romans 7:19 – For the good that I would I do not: but the evil which I would not, that I do.

As we also saw last week, God has given the Holy Spirit within our lives so that we are never alone! His Spirit is the one “called alongside to help” us!

Because we are His consistently, God enables us to be “Consistently His”. This week, we want to look at the best role model of consistency that there ever is, was, or will be!

In Philippians 2:5 – Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:

The word “mind” here refers to attitude. We are to have the same attitude that Christ had.

We can sum up our Lord’s attitude with the words, “selfless humility”.

Our Lord did not live for himself. He first lived to please God, the Father. Psalm 40:7-8

In the next few verses, Paul goes on to describe “The mind of Christ.” We see here the attitude that filled His mind heart, and very life. We find here the very attitude that we should if we want to be joyfully consistent.

The characteristics of the mind of Christ can be summed up in these words:


Vs. 6 – The word “form” here refers to the “inner essential, and abiding nature of a person or thing.”

When Paul says that Jesus had the form of God, He is saying that Jesus’ inner, essential, and abiding nature are that of God. Paul is attesting to the deity of Jesus Christ!

He is also telling us that before He came to earth, Jesus existed as God. John 1:1-2

Jesus did not consider His equality with God something to be selfishly held on to or grasped.

Jesus could have stayed in Heaven. He could have let man perish in His sins. Instead, He chose to leave behind the glory that was His and come to earth.

Vs. 7 –  What did Jesus empty Himself of? What did he surrender?

Did He give up His deity?

No, when He came to earth, He was still God.

He was perfect man and perfect God joined together.

He did give up His heavenly glory.

He did give up His riches.

He did give up the independent use of His Godly authority, and became subservient to and dependent upon God, the Father.

Jesus surrendered all self-interests. Jesus surrendered his rights as God, in order to secure eternal life for us.

Beloved, if you and I are going to have the same attitude which Christ had, we must surrender our rights.

There is so much hassle between Christians in families and churches simply because we do not surrender our rights.

What are some of the rights which we need to surrender?

  1. We need to surrender our right of personal comfort.

Luke 9:23

  1. We need to surrender our right to wealth. Matthew 6:24
  2. We need to surrender our right to do as we please.

Ephesians 5:15-17   

  1. We need to surrender our right to put other things and people ahead of God. 1 John 5:21
  2. We need to surrender our right to be happy in our own plans to be happy in God’s plans. Romans 12:1
  3. We need to surrender our right to please men. Isaiah 2:22
  4. We need to surrender our right to have our own way. Philippians 2:2-4

You see, we consider it all right that our Lord surrendered everything He had to win our salvation. But we fall short of showing our appreciation with total surrender to Him. We are so afraid that we will be short-changed in the process, that we’ll lose something.

Can’t we trust the one who gave His very life for us?

Of course, we can!

Jesus surrendered His rights for you.

Will you, out of gratitude, surrender your rights for Him?


Jesus took on the “inner, essential, and abiding nature…” of a servant!

Jesus was a servant through and through!

He served by coming to earth.

He served by teaching and training men.

He served through the miracles He performed.

He served through His prayers.

He served by the washing of the feet of the disciples.

Here was the very Son of God, stooping to the job of a slave or servant, washing the very feet of sinful men.

He served when He went to the cross. Isaiah 53:5-6

Also, as a servant, Jesus took on the likeness of man.

He took on the human nature, even though He was perfect.

The word translated servant can also be translated “slave”. Matthew 23:11

Let me share something with you which I have learned about Christians.  They like to be entertained. But God is not interested in entertainment for entertainment’s sake. He is interested in using us!

And the Christian and the church that pleases Him, is the Christian and the church that serves Him and others.

How can I serve?

By doing those things which God prompts me to do, and not ignore His prompting.  He will prompt me through His word, through other Christians, and through His Spirit.

He might prompt you to write a letter of encouragement. – DO IT!

He might prompt you to help someone in physical or spiritual need. – DO IT!

He might prompt you to send a gift to, or to support a missionary regularly. DO IT!

He might prompt you to work around the building. DO IT!

He might prompt you to teach!

2 Timothy 4:21 – Do thy diligence to come before winter.

In other words, do it before it’s too late.   


We like obedience in others.

We like obedience in employees.

We like obedience in children.

But do we like obedience in ourselves?

Many times, we as individuals think we know better than the one who is responsible to lead us.

This has much to do with pride.

To do what someone else tells us to do, we must humble ourselves.

The Son of God, God in the flesh, came to earth.

He was much wiser than any man. He made man.

He was more powerful than any man. He was God.

And yet, He humbled himself to obedience.

He never did anything wrong.

He was sinless.

And in this humility, He was obedient unto death.

Willingly giving up His life at Calvary, that we might have life.

Four of the greatest words the Lord Jesus ever said were in the Garden of Gethsamenee. He said, THY WILL BE DONE.

Let’s be submissive like Jesus was.


Jesus Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice, giving up His life, that those who trust Him as Savior might have life.

What is your response to what Christ has done for you?

It should be a response that says, “Because He has saved me, I will sacrifice for Him, because I love Him. Sacrifice for someone you truly love is not hard! Philippians 3:8-10

So, here it is. We are to have the mind of Christ.

To have the mind of Christ, we must


And let me tell you the mind of Christ is only possible if you simply let Christ, through His Spirit control your life!


Jesus was and will be rewarded for His labor of love for us.

You and I will be rewarded for our work of love for the Savior.

God is no man’s debtor. He will reward us properly, although we don’t deserve rewards!                    1 Corinthians 4:5, 2 Corinthians 5:10

Want to be consistent? Follow Jesus as a role – model, have the mind of Christ.