God was preparing the hearts of Joseph’s brothers to deal with their sin.  Therefore, he allowed lots of trouble to come their way.

THERE WAS INCONVENIENCE – Vss. 1-5 – The famine made it so they had to go buy food in Egypt.

THERE WAS INTIMIDATION – Vss. 6-20 – Joseph treated them roughly and accused them of being spies.

THERE WAS IMPLICATION – Vss. 21-23 – Being in trouble themselves, their hearts implicated them as guilty for what they did to Joseph.

THERE WAS INCARCERATION – Vs. 24 – Simeon was kept as prisoner.This was so the brothers would be sure to return with Benjamin.

 THERE WAS INTRIGUE – Vss. 25-28 – Their money was returned to them. Now they realized that they could be accused of stealing.

THERE WERE INDICTMENTS – Vss. 29-38 – Jacob largely blamed his sons for his troubles.