2 Timothy 1:13-18 – BE LOYAL

In my years as a pastor, I have found many people to have a very important quality – loyalty.

A loyal person may not agree with everything you say and do, but will be faithful.

In our text, Paul, who is a prisoner in Rome, is talking to his protegee Timothy about loyalty.

Not that Timothy wasn’t loyal to the one who trained him in the Christian faith. He was.

However Nero was now persecuting Christians, and some Christians were being less than loyal to Paul, and consequently to the Lord. I believe Paul was trying to insure that Timothy would remain loyal to the Lord and to himself. 


Vs. 13 – When an architect is building a building he makes a sketch of what the building will look like. Timothy was given a “form”, an outline, or a sketch of sound words from Paul. Paul had taught Timothy the Word of God and Bible doctrine. Timothy was to hold fast to what he had been taught. 2 Timothy 3:1-7 shows us what happens when a person does not hold on to solid Bible doctrine. 

Vs. 14 – Paul uses a banking illustration.  Timothy received a deposit of something that is precious.

He was to take care of it as a good banker takes care of treasure placed in his trust. Timothy had received a deposit of the Word of God. He was to care of his precious treasure. 


We are to be loyal to God’s people as they stand for the truth.  In these verses Paul is telling Timothy of those who were not faithful to Paul, and one person who was faithful. Many had turned away from Paul (Vs. 15). They did not stand with him during his time of need. 

The man who did stand with Paul was a man named Onesiphorus.

He often refreshed Paul. – Vs. 16

He was not ashamed of Paul’s chain. – Vs. 16

He sought Paul out. – Vs. 17

He served Paul. – Vs. 18