Genesis 35:1-15 – BACK TO BETHEL

Jacob was returning home after being with his Uncle Laban for many years.

When he traveled to Laban’s house, God appeared to him at a place Jacob called “Bethel,” or “house of God.” See Genesis 28:10-22. This is a place where Jacob had made specific promises to God.

RETURN – Vss. 1, 3

God was calling Jacob back to the place of his original commitment.

Sometimes we need to return to our original commitments and to the “first love” that we once had for Christ. (Revelation 2:4-5)

REMOVAL – Vss. 2, 4

Jacob knew that false Gods and the one true God were not compatible. He called on his household to remove all false Gods. There are times when false Gods creep into our lives. We must remove them.

REMEMBRANCE – Vss. 3, 6-7

Jacob returned to Bethel, remembering how God had delivered Him.

We must remember all that God did for us when he saved us. 2 Corinthians 5:17

RENEWAL – Vss. 9-15

A Renewed Name – Vs. 10, Genesis 32:8

A Renewed Commission – Vs. 11

A Renewed Promise – Vs. 12

A Renewed Fellowship – Vss. 13-15

All of these things are renewed for the Christian when he comes back to God.