Luke 7:36-50 – APPRECIATION 

You might want to tell two stories to introduce this message.

Tell a story that shows true appreciation for something someone has done. Also tell a story about someone who showed a lack of appreciation.

Our text tells the story of two people. One was repentant and showed appreciation for what Jesus had done for her. The other was unrepentant and showed no appreciation.

May we, by our words, thoughts, and actions always show appreciation for our Lord Jesus!

THE PEOPLE, Vss. 36-39

A Repentant Sinner, Vss. 37-38

A Self-Righteous Pharisee, Vss. 36, 29

THE PARABLE Vss. 40-43

The one who is forgiven the most is the most appreciative.

THE POINT Vss. 44-50

The Pharisee had not sought for, nor received forgiveness of his sins, therefore, he showed no sign of appreciation.

The woman had sought for and received forgiveness by faith. She showed her appreciation in her actions.