Genesis 17 – AFFIRMATION

God had called Abraham years before. Genesis 12:1-3

God affirms to Abraham what He will do for him.

GOD’S CALL – Vss. 1-3

He is Almighty God, and Abraham is to walk before Him perfectly. Vs. 1

God promises to keep His covenant with Abraham and to multiply him exceedingly. Vs. 2

 GOD’S COVENANT – Vss. 4-14

God’s covenant with Abraham would make Abraham and his descendants great. Vss.4-8

God’s covenant was to signified by the act of circumcision. Vss. 9-14 

GOD’S CHOICE – Vss. 15-22

It was Sarah who was going to have a child, through which all these promises would be kept. God’s choice was a child named Isaac, who’s name means “laughter”.