Many men and women have a sense of adventure.

They would like to go where few men or women have ever gone.

They would like to do what few men or women have ever done.

They would like to be what few men or women have ever been.

With a desire for adventure, folks have gone into the air, out of planes, into the jungle, into the desert, into the artic, into space, into the military, and a host of other places.

In this passage we look at the life of a man who probably didn’t have much sense of adventure, but had a great adventure simply doing the will of God.

¬†This best adventures we can have are found in doing God’s will.

According to Romans 12:2, God’s will is good, acceptable and perfect.

Noah’s adventure included:


Preparing the ark – Genesis 6:14-22

Preaching to men – 2 Peter 2:5

Procuring the animals – Genesis 7:1-4, 11-16

Possessing the ark – Genesis 7:1-7

PRESERVATION – Genesis 7:16, 8:1-4, 13-14

PRESCRIPTION – Genesis 8:15-9:7


God has kept the promises he made found in Genesis 6:13,20, 7:1-4, and 9:13-17

PROBLEM – Genesis 9:20-29

Although Noah was a great man, he still had his own adventure with sin.  Let us always be on guard against following this example.