Ezra 7:10 – A ROLE MODEL

George Headley Sr. and Jr. were both pastors, ministering mostly in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Both father and son modeled for me what it takes to be a pastor.

Ed and Janet Apgar are parents of children a little older than ours.

When their boys were teens, Ed and Janet showed us how to deal with that age group through their example.

Role models are helpful. There are many role models in the Bible, and one of my favorites is Ezra. He is a great role model for pastors and laymen. Begin your message by sharing a little about Ezra.

Then stress that he was able to accomplish all that he did because he had a prepared heart. Ezra, as role model, teaches us to do three things:

SEEK GOD’S WORD – “,,,to seek the law of the Lord…”

SHOW GOD’S WORD – “…and to do it…”

SHARE GOD’S WORD – “…and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments.”

You don’t have to be a preacher to study God’s Word, live God’s Word, and share what God has taught you.