Genesis 13:5-18 – A GRACIOUS MAN

You probably know more than one gracious man or woman.  When someone is gracious he or she is easy to get along with, generous, and flexible. (Give examples of gracious people that you know.)  Christians should be gracious, reflecting “the wisdom that is from above” found in James 3:17-18.  Abraham was a gracious man, especially in his dealings with his nephew, Lot.


Both Abraham and Lot were wealthy men.  Both had large herds and both needed lots of resources (water) to exist.  Because of minimal resources, there were disagreements between Abraham and Lot’s servants.


Abraham was the senior member of the family. He confronted Lot gently, not wanting them to have strife between them because they are brethren.  As Christians we should have that same desire that there be no strife between us and fellow Christians. John 13:34-35, Ephesians 30-32

Abraham very graciously gave Lot his choice of locations.  Whatever direction Lot was willing to go, Abraham would go in the opposite direction.  Abraham allowed Lot to have the choice, when, in reality Abraham could have had his choice.

CHOICE – Vss. 10-13

Lot chose the Plain of Jordan, although it contained the wicked cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Abraham chose to remain in the Land of Canaan, which was the land of God’s choice for Abraham in the first place.

Abraham actually remained in the will of God by remaining in the Land of Canaan.

 COMFORT – Vss. 14-18

God brought comfort to Abraham by promising Abraham that land forever.

When we are gracious and remain in the will of God, God will also bring comfort to us.