Generally, I have slept well over the years. Within a minute or two of my head hitting the pillow, I’m sleeping.

There are times, however, when I can’t sleep. Something has happened in the church, the family, or my life that keeps me awake thinking, anxious, worried. I seem to be especially prone to lying awake if I have been falsely accused or attacked for no good reason.

There’s nothing like tension, stress, or worry to keep one awake at night and fitful when during the day. We all will face those things which will cause heartbreak that can lead to anxiety. How we handle these heartbreaks will dictate how we will be uptight in the day hours and how well we will sleep at night.

God wants you to get your rest! Psalm 127:7

Down through the years David faced situations that could cause him to lose sleep. Psalm 3 was written when David was running from his son, Absalom, who had usurped his father’s throne. Yet, David was able to sleep. Psalm 3:1-5

Psalm 4 has a similar theme to Psalm 3. The Psalm might have been written on the same occasion, or on a different occasion. David was being slandered by his enemies. He was being falsely accused, persecuted verbally. Yet at the end of Psalm 4 David was able to say in Vs. 8, I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep: for thou, Lord, only makest me dwell in safety.

How was David able to sleep in the midst of trouble?


The first thing we should do when we have a problem is consult God. James 1:5

David consulted God, remembering that God had helped him in times past (Thou hast enlarged me when I was in distress;). Some of you may not like history, but it is good remember God’s past deliverance. David was seeking God’s mercy and God’s “ear” to hear his prayer.


Have you ever talked to someone who couldn’t hear you? David appears to be confronting his enemies during his own time of meditation. By doing this he is helping himself to deal with the hurt and to make his own thinking clear. Also, what was true for his enemies was true for David as well.

Vs. 2 – An Appeal – David appeals to his enemies how long they were going to turn his glory into shame and how long they were going love vanity and seek after falsehood.

Vs. 3 – Assurance – David knew that God set apart Godly men for Himself. Because David was Godly, God would hear him.

Vs. 4-5 – Advice – David advised his enemies to stand in awe in the fear of God, and to meditate (commune with your own heart). The more a person fears God and thinks clearly, the more he will turn to God.

David also advised his enemies to offer the right sacrifices and to put their trust in the Lord.


Vs. 6 – Many were being very negative, but David called on the Lord to smile on him.

Vs. 7 – David was joyful in the Lord even when times were bad.

Vs. 8 – David trusted the Lord, therefore he could sleep.