Galatians 6:1-10


(You may want to divide this into two messages.)


As a former Boy Scout, I remember the Scout motto, "Be Prepared".

The Scouts taught that there would be a multitude of situations one would face. The scout needed to be ready to handle any situation. We were taught such things as swimming, first aid, knot tying, cooking, and Morse code.


As a pastor I find it important to be prepared, especially when I am expected to preach or teach God's Word. I must also be prepared to handle emergencies, listen at any time, pray with someone hurting, and give loving counsel.


As Christians God wants us to be prepared to help each other. Galatians 6:1-10 shows us 6 things we should be prepared to do.


ASSIST - Vs. 1

When a Christian has failed God we are to be ready to humbly restore him to fellowship with God.


ASSUME - Vss. 2

When Christians have heavy burdens, we should be ready to help bear them, fulfilling the law of love. John 13:34-35


ACCEPT - Vss. 4-5

Although we do have the responsibility to help others with heavy burdens, we do have responsibility to bear our own burdens. The word burden here is different from verse 2. Here it simply refers to something carried in the hand. It is not a heavy burden like verse 2.


SHARE - Vs. 6

The person who is taught should share good things with his teacher. This very well could refer to financial support for the full-time minister of the Word.


SOW - Vss. 7-8

We reap what we sow. Therefore, we should sow the things of the Spirit and not the things of the flesh.


SERVE - Vss. 9-10

We should not be weary in well doing because we will reap good things if we don't give up.

We should strive to do good to all, but especially to fellow believers.