Mark 15





·        What excites you most about Jesus dying on the cross?

·        What disturbs you most about Jesus suffering on the cross?

·        What character or group of characters (other than the Lord Himself) grabs your attention when you think about the events of Good Friday? Why?


We are studying the second chapter of culminating actions in the life of our Lord and Savior. In chapter 15 of Mark we see the events concerning the crucifixion of Christ.

I.  ACCUSATION - Vss. 1-5


ü      Why was there a morning consultation of the whole council?

ü      Note that Jesus never denied his identity as the Messiah and as the Son of God.

ü      Why was Jesus silent when accused before Pilate? Vss. 3-5, Isaiah 53:7

II. REJECTION - Vss. 6-15


¨      What made Barabbas more desirable to the crowd than Jesus?

¨      What made the chief priests so vicious against Jesus? Vs. 11

¨      What made Pilate hesitant to condemn Jesus to death?

¨      What was Pilate’s biggest mistake? Vs. 15


A.   From The Soldiers – Vss. 6-21


§         Why does the scourging of Jesus make us wonder about the sincerity of Pilate?

§         In what specific ways was Jesus humiliated by the soldiers?

§         How do non-Christians humiliate Jesus today?

§         What does verse 21 imply about Simon of Cyrenia?

§         Why did Jesus refuse to drink?

B. On The Cross – Vss. 22-33


o       Why were the Jewish leaders indignant over the accusation written above Jesus’ cross? John 19:19-22

o       Who took time to revile Jesus on the Cross? Do we know that any of these repented? Luke 23:39-43

o       Why the darkness? Vs. 33

IV. SEPARATION - Vss. 34-36


v     Who was Jesus separated from? Why?

v     Why is this separation the greatest act of love in all history? 2 Corinthians 5:21

V. VINDICATION - Vss. 37-38


v     How do we know that the tearing of the temple veil was a supernatural event?

v     What is the significance of the tearing of the veil?



·        What did the Centurion see that the Jewish Leadership failed to see?

·        What do you think convinced the Centurion?

VI. ATTENTION - Vss. 40-47


A.     From The Loyal Ladies – Vss. 40-41


B.     To His Burial – Vss. 42-47


Ř      How will Joseph of Arimathaea always be remembered? John 19:38

Ř      What motivated Joseph to do what he did? Do you think this was his “coming out”?

Ř      Is there really such a thing as a secret disciple?