Mark 14





        To you, what was the most remarkable thing that Jesus said or did the night before He was crucified?

        Thinking about all the Gospel accounts, what were Jesus' biggest concerns the night before He died?


In Mark 14 we are told of Jesus' actions the night of His arrest. These actions, along with His actions in Mark 15 take us right through to His death for our sins.

I. ANOINTING - Vss. 1-9

        Why would the people be in an uproar if Jesus had been arrested on a feast day? Vss. 1-2

        Who was the woman who brought the ointment? John 12:1-8

        Why were some of the apostles indignant? John 12:4-6

        What was the purpose of this anointing? Do you think that the lady knew what she was doing? Luke 10:39

II. BETRAYAL - Vss. 10-11


      What motivated Judas to betray Jesus? Do people betray Him today for the same reason?

      Jesus was actually killed on a feast day. How did Judas' actions make this possible?

III. PASSOVER - Vss. 12-31

A.   Preparation - Vss. 12-16


         What was significant about Jesus' eating the Passover with His disciples?

1 Corinthians 5:7

         The location of the Passover was kept secret. Why?

B.   Pronouncement - Vss. 17-21


q       Why was Jesus' announcement so shocking?

q       What do the Apostles' questions tell us about the Apostles? Vs. 19

q       What does Vs. 20 tell about the Spiritual condition of Judas?

C.   Meal - Vss. 22-25


      What impresses you most about the Lord's Table?

      How should we be careful about our conduct at the Lord's Table?

D. Hymn - Vs. 26

E. Warning - Vss. 27-31


      Why did Jesus warn the disciples that they would be scattered? Zechariah 13:7

      Was Peter sincere? Why were he and the Apostles so adamant?

IV. GETHSEMANE - Vss. 32-42


        Do you think that the Apostles prayer habits were anything like ours?

        Why did Jesus single out Peter for rebuke in Vs. 37?

        Why does Jesus want us to "watch and pray"? Mark 13:34-37, 1 Peter 4:7

        Why was Jesus willing to have "the cup" removed?

        Why was Jesus willing to accept "the cup"?

V. ARREST - Vss. 43-52


      What was remarkable about the way Judas betrayed Jesus?

      Why was the incident about the man in the linen cloth inserted by Mark?

VI. MOCK TRIAL - Vss. 53-65


         Why did the Jews have trouble finding witnesses against Jesus?

         What motivated the high priest to ask if he was Christ? Vs. 61

         Why was Jesus condemned to die?

VII. DENIAL Vss. 66-72


q       What are some ways Christians deny Christ today?

q       Why is it so easy to deny Christ?

q       What was the difference between the sorrow of Judas and the sorrow of Jesus?

q       What does Peter teach us about the future of repentant Christians?